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Worker's Compensation


Workplace injuries can present a range of problems. Some injured parties mistakenly believe that their employer will take care of their medical treatment. Others expect their employer to file for Workers' Compensation Commission on their behalf. Many injured employees are reluctant to file a claim themselves out of a fear of jeopardizing their jobs. Still others mistakenly believe that they are not entitled to benefits because the workplace accident may have been their fault.

At Summerfield, Willen, Silverberg & Limsky, our attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience handling work-related accidents of all kinds. We can offer the support and representation you need at a difficult time and stand ready to protect your rights, which include the following:

  • Immediate medical treatment and/or therapy by a physician or health provider of your choice

  • Coverage of prescription and non-prescription medications necessitated by your work injury

  • Reimbursement of mileage expenses incurred for travel to and from medical treatment

  • Net two-thirds of your average weekly wage paid to you during your period of temporary disability from work

  • Vocational assessment and rehabilitation services if unable to return to your former job due to your work injury

  • Payment of disability benefits if you have continuing impairment after reaching maximum medical improvement

  • Continuing medical and prescription coverage for life for all treatment or medications necessitated by your work injury

  • Right to reopen your case for possible additional disability award if your condition worsens

  • Freedom from retaliation by employer for having filed your claim



Our attorneys will forcefully defend your right to all of these benefits, including representation before the Workers' Compensation Commission on any contested issues raised by the attorneys representing the employer and their insurance company.

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